Brainstorming for the Halloween Contest

Happy Halloween!!! 

Sick! Love it. Spooky :slight_smile:

I was trying to remove the first render because it has an object that I forgot to disable before rendering. The second image I disabled the object. It wouldn’t let me delete the image. 

I dig it.


Very nice Ed! I would try to light it a bit more as right now it’s very hard to see but other than that, awesome!

Another update.

Looking great! can’t wait to see more

Trying to figure out what else I can add, but here’s another update.

Honestly, It’s getting a little crowded for me. Maybe some weeds mixed in with the grass?

went back to the drawing books

Very nice! Only thing I would adjust is the lighting. Make it not so dark. Other than that, love it!

the lighting is brighter in this render. 

Adjusted the lighting a bit, here’s a render in Evee.

Here’s the one in cycles.

believe you can have the same effect as in cycles by going to the lamp in evee and adjusting the softness of the shadow and making it harder