I worked on this for a while! I hope you enjoy!

I am finishing rendering a video, will edit the post soon with the vimeo link!

wow that really cool! How the heck did you make it?!

Freaking love this! :smiley:

Great mosaic piece. I am sure there are multiple ways this could be done. Nicelly done!

Thank you :).

I wrote a small break down, hoping it clarifies the whole process

I started with sculpting the stone and gold parts from a single piece.

After I was happy with the shapes I did a quick and dirty retopology, which had to be UV mapped.

Next step I worked on the maps I used during texturing:

-Baked curvature and normal map

-Handpainted matid map directly on the mesh with Texture paint (picture 4)

Finally I have textured the stone and gold in Quixel Mixer.

Unhappy with the resul I added the pattern on top ( see pic 1 )

The leather cylinder is a separate mesh, which was covering part of the sculpt containing the seams - and ugly irregularities-.

I cheated downloading a ready made leather texture from cc0, but then I photobashed a pattern to create the normal on the external cylinder so it would look slightly different. ( picture 2 and 3 )