Born From an Idea

It is all born from an idea

That idea starts to take shape

That Idea then makes you hungry

Throw in some flavor

I just cant stop and sleep :cry:


Playing with some ground

Testing out what the Lanterns do

Trying out some ambient effects 

When you get to the point… its just fun and let’s play around!


Added another lantern to light the child and some more eyes… never enough eyes!

WHAT IN THE WORLD SHANNON!!! THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME! I had to write all in caps because I absolutely freaking love this! WOW! I think you are impressing everyone with this little piece right here…HOLY! Can’t wait to see the final result. This is quality stuff man!

Little surprises added… I feel I am done

5 hours and 57 minutes, 102,400 samples

Dang Shannon! What a pleasure this WIP has been :slight_smile: and the result is spectacular! Very nicely done my friend

Not feeling well but wanted to do something. So many angles.

all 10k samples no denoise

I very much like your idea, execution and composition.
It’s just spooky, has Halloween atmosphere. Nice job!.

Very cool Shannon! I like that second one :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you get better btw!

i m one year late to the party , but this is GENIUS !! love it