Bones not connecting

After I added the bones and then paired the mesh with auto weight. When moving bones around I noticed some are not connected like the right side shoulder and right hip and the bone below the stomach. Should they be like this? If not what’s the reason? And is there a fix. Thanks for any help. After this if I get it fixed I’ll be rigging the inverse kinematics.

Hey Hyzershot! Yes the bones should be connected :slight_smile: You can reconnect them in two ways, go to the bone properties and in the menu you can find the parent bone option and input the bone for which you want it parent to. Or just select one bone in edit mode, then the other and hit CTRL+P and parent, don’t keep offset but connected

In the bone properties i was able to just click connected for the hips and shoulders since they already had a parent bone.  In the tutorial we made the belly bone as the first bone so it would have no parent.  I extruded the hip bone from the root of the belly bone. trying to set a parent for the hip bones to the belly makes it connect the hip to the tip of the belly bone.  I’ve tried a bunch of different ways and cant get it to connect right.  not even sure why when i made the bones symmetrical it didn’t connect the shoulder and hip to the bones on the right side.  Any more help would be very much appreciated.  Thanks

Hey Hyzer. Those do not have to be connected or anything. Just put both endpoints in the same exact spot. For example just to see what I mean. Open a new blender file, add a bone, then select the bottom portion of the bone in edit mode and extrude down to replicate it. Then if you select a bone and move it, you will see they are not connected, which is fine. Just both points in same location

Thanks man I really appreciate the help! 

Anytime brother! What this community is here for