Bomber Jet

Camo patterns done with procedural textures, stripes and additional markings with Inkscape and GIMP, asphalt texture from Inner Circle. Rendered with Cycles, post-pro in GIMP.

3D model can be viewed on Sketchfab : Bomber Jet - 3D model by purbosky [2542748] - Sketchfab

WIP thread : Bomber Jet - Works in Progress - Discourse

Nicely done as always!

I like looking at models on sketchfab and go on the inside to see how many edges intercept internally. Provides an inside perspective on how the model was created. Or is that just a weird obsession?

Thanks! Peeking into the wireframe is totally normal, lol, good to help learn about topology too.

This is super sick! Where are my keys? lol!

Thanks! Don’t need keys, just scan your fingerprint :stuck_out_tongue: