BlenderMania's "FOOD" Contest! fraroses

ok,I threw the pasta away, I try an animated food, I think of a cup of chocolate with nice characters. the photo I published, it’s just for fun, I’ll change the characters

haha this is funny. Is she dipping his leg or head into the chocolate?

The look on her face though lol.

I’m trying a thousand billion things ???blender is letting my crazy world out, help

ROFL! This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen lol! Yeah I can see what goes on in your mind now, crazy world indeed

Took me a while to see his arms.

yeeeeeeeeh party Smiley

That is kind of disturbing lol. I like it.

ok, no more disturbing

I like disturbing though…

Nice, I like this. This is interesting. Coming along great.

Thats looks awesome!!

ROFL! Love the cloud one haha. Yeah I like different and unique too aka disturbing lol. The other one is very nice too! Well done! I see you solved your fluid issue :slight_smile:

it gets crowded

the hero cup has arrived! :coffee:???

LOL! This is brilliant. Love it rofl. I LOVE stuff like this that is abstract and different haha

grazie alex Smiley


thanks Relaxed

thanks Slight Smile