BlenderMania's "Easter / Springtime" Contest! fraroses

I don’t know if I have the right concentration Persevere, I try to do something, but I don’t promise you that I will be able to finish it. I was thinking of a zen spring. It’s just an image, that’s not really the idea

Hey looks great already! You said you would make the hippie Fran and you are doing it :slight_smile: I like it! Keep it up!

A ‘Downward Dog’ would make it look more interesting Wink Or ‘Tree pose’ while balancing an egg on her nose! Remember, its harder with your eyes closed…

hello everyone, here are some updates, I made the sea for the first time, a good feeling

at least that made me concentrate all day Relieved, still to change various things, but I wanted to ask: Is the image as a plane with birds allowed?

Looks amazing so far Fran! Very peaceful. I like the colors a lot. Can’t wait to see the finished result

peaceful, the word of the day Relieved ?

Looking good Fran!

Does someone want to be outside WinkThumbsup

I add a bike! I just finished modeling it, I got tired, but not so much SmileyStuck Out Tongue Winking Eye now texure! yeeeeh Sunflower

Very nice Fran! Great detail. I am guessing this is the same bike you have?

other changes, still I have to adjust the colors and light


other tests Woman Technologist

still testing Eyes

I’m still not very good with texure.

freeeeeeeeeeee bicycle

Nicely done Fran! Looks great :slight_smile:

Beautiful work Francesca!!

thanks @alexkarajohnn Relaxed

thank @blendermania Raised Hands