Blendermania Xmas Giveaway!

Hey Blendermaniacs!

It is time for a Xmas giveaway! We will be doing 3 days of giveaways with prizes! All you need to do to be entered is when the prize for THAT day is posted, just reply under that giveaway.

Example: Today there will be a giveaway for a 1 year subscription to the Inner Circle and a headset. Just comment as a reply under that posting and you will be automatically entered into the giveaway. Tomorrow when the next giveaway is posted, ADD A NEW REPLY AND COMMENT to be entered for THAT giveaway, etc.

Everyone who comments under a prize will be put into a random name picker and randomly drawn at the end of the day. Once the winner of 1 prize is announced, the next prize will be posted.


12/20/21 - 1 year subscription to the Inner Circle and a headset

12/21/21 - Webcam and a USB drive

12/22/21 - A 3D PRINTER!!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to the Blendermania family! Appreciate you all and hope you have a great time with friends and family!

  • If the winning item cannot be shipped to your country using the shipping method I am using or for any reason, I will be sending the $ equivelent of the prize via Paypal. A prize cannot be substituted for $, only if I have an issue with the shipping *

  • A person can win multiple times*

Comment under this image to be entered to win THIS prize!

I could really use that headset, that’s for sure!

I would love to win anything!

Well DOG

Ohhhh a headset with a mic. Are you suggesting I talk when viewing the HoP challenges? :wink:

Win the things in the picture? or the picture itself is the prize? is it a NFT!?!

A new headset that puts me to sleep would be nice. Big soft over the ear cushiony things…and need IC to finish the sculpting course :wink:

Hi , I’m new here , I am just trying to make some friends… Oh… Hey! …a headset!

Should I win, I’d like that headset to be converted into another 1 year subs to IC so it will be 2 yrs of IC ??

I’d like to know what happens in the IC. I think.

I’m even newer and friendlier than Gral so I’d just like everyone to know I- Oh look, shiny!

Nice headset - cool!

Congrats to @light for winning the first prize of the giveaway

Second giveaway is a webcam and a 64 gb USB stick. Comment under This image to be entered for the giveaway!

A lot of Blender awesomeness :stuck_out_tongue: You can access all the courses there, textures and more

Well Dog2

I am here!

Hmmmm maybe it won’t break if I win and actually use it.

Again, something quite useful