Blendermania on ArtStation Represent!

I know some of you folks are there, I made an account too. I’m making this forum entry so that anyone can share their accounts in one place and we can all follow and support each other on there too.
So feel free to shamelessly plug yourselves bellow! :slight_smile:

I started an account too, a few monthes ago.

I have no idea how to do anything there ???

same, same lol xD

I don’t use my Artstation account anymore. I have however been posting to my new Behance page as my primary portfolio.

man you’re like super alternative, with that alternative to youtube which I forgotten the name and now this! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make an account on this too and follow you

It’s how I roll lol. I’m probably going to start a youtube channel as well, I just wanted to start on Rumble. I have a few ideas for animations that I want to make but I desperately need to upgrade my CPU before I can do that.

As for my portfolio website choice, Behance has a better filter for mature content than Artstation so I moved my stuff over.

Oh I was offended that ArtStation even assumed that I would want the mature filter on… LOL
But in all seriousness the place is a circus, supposedly no sexual content allowed and that’s literally 1/3 of the wall…

What is this Behance? Same thing as artstation?

There is also Deviantart