Blendermania Contest #62 "Pirate"

BlenderMania’s “Pirate” Contest!

The theme for this contest is “Pirate”

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is…Pirate!!

What do you think of when you think of Pirate?

  • A pirate ship with a flag?
  • A chest of gold?
  • A pirate cat with a sword?
  • A skeleton?
  • A pirate town?
  • A Pirate?
Guidelines for the contest:
  • 90% has to be done in Blender
  • 90% and main focus of scene has to be made by you and cannot be addons or imported models
  • Submission has to be submitted by 4/30/23 Midnight PST
  • Only ONE submission per person
  • Work has to be original and not copied from another artist
  • Has to be a new project and not a render you did a long time ago

war of the centuries

Sometimes it isn’t about who’s the fiercest or the nastiest. Sometimes, it’s just who gets there first. Looks like these four better hurry and hope that ship on the horizon doesn’t see them!


Yarr Harr!

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During the assembly, the Captain ordered his men to feature ‘Kraken’ on the ship design. Somewhat drunken, the crew misheard it as ‘Dragon’ instead, and that’s how the main cannon fitting and front part found its current shapes.

Cycles render, postpro in Gimp, clouds from free cloud VDB, crossbone logo made in Inkscape.

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