Blendermania Contest #60 "Magical Bridge"

BlenderMania’s “Magical Bridge” Contest!

The theme for this contest is “Magical Bridge”

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is…Magical Bridge!

What do you think of when you think of a magical bridge?

  • A bridge leading into another world
  • A bridge leading into the sky
  • A bridge connecting two worlds
Guidelines for the contest:
  • 90% has to be done in Blender
  • 90% and main focus of scene has to be made by you and cannot be addons or imported models
  • Submission has to be submitted by 2/28/23 Midnight PST
  • Only ONE submission per person
  • Work has to be original and not copied from another artist
  • Has to be a new project and not a render you did a long time ago

Portal on Mars

Infinite magical portals bridge (animated gif, click to play)

Single frame: Magical Bridge

Magical floating bridges. Could use some more works and all, but I would never post it if I try x)

Very nicely done man! Heck yeah you just gotta go for it. Nice work!

Should he who sits in the Tower find you worthy of entry, he shall summon the bridge from the depths of the gorge below. Through the arch and ascend the stone path, be wary you don’t fall!

added some blur in krita, grease pencil not affected by camera blur for some reason

Very cool man! Love it

“Once in a certain period, the spectral bridge is said to appear to a chosen soul. Compelled to cross it, none ever came back from the other side.”

Honestly this feels more like spooky rather than magical, lol …

well here is my first main contest render ever hope you like it ?

here is my first main contest render ever hope you like it?