Blendermania Contest #41 "Steampunk"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is….Steampunk What comes to mind when you think of this?

Guidelines for the contest:

90% has to be done in Blender

Submission has to be submitted by 5/31/21 Midnight PST

Only ONE submission per person

Work has to be original and not copied from another artist

Has to be a new project and not a render you did a long time ago

Prizes for Contest Winners:

1st place will receive a choice of one of my courses, $25 Amazon E-gift card (or $ paypald to them), be featured in the featured image section, 500 points and a certificate!2nd place will receive a choice of one of my 4 courses, 300 points and certificate3rd place will receive, 100 points and a certificate

Awesome. this is a theme I’ve wanted to see for awhile now.

Uh , You are welcome then lol, good this is your chance Crispy!

Can you guys give any idea… What is a steampunk? is this meaning person with mechanical stuff??

Steampunk is heavily influenced by the industrial revolution era often mixed with victorian era style. Often post apocalyptic but not always. nostalgic futurism is probably the best way to describe It. There aren’t any set in stone specific characteristics or rules to it.

some good examples are Final Fantasy 7, Nine(Tim Burton), Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, Wild Wild West(1999 film), Treasure Planet, The Golden Compass, The Bioshock game series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Steam is the element that is used for power. The technology is generally just as advanced as that of our modern world, but it uses steam as its energy source instead of electricity, gas or oil. As a result, steampunk technology takes on a retro look reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution era. Some examples of things typically you would see is in steampunk, Gears,Pipes,wood, I believe there can be fire cause they could burn wood or like a coal I am not entirely sure on this, but steam is the main focus I know

Thanks… I got idea now…(^_^)

Looks like I’m first. This was so fun. Hope you all like this, it’s my first time to to try something this complicated on my own.

Murdoc - Steampunk Character.
(I was listening to a lot of Gorillaz during the process. XD)

I did an update for my entry. This guy burns the steam so hard it causes flames to burn. Must be some kind of hot sauce they feed it. Haha

Yes, it’s quite new.

Only with the Killer.

ALEX! put The OTHER one for Voting, NOT THIS ONE.

Dude that is so sick!

My Upload For the SteamPunk Contest. This will my portfolio after learning Compositing from Alex Environment Course. Hehehe…

Each and Every assets are created by me and the texture also created by me. Sculpting, baking, modeling, UV, shading various thing I learn and I create my best thing here. I hope everyone like it. If any advise anyone want to give me to improve my art skills more. Please give advises. Thank you.

wow that is super sick man! Well done!

P.S. Gorillaz rocks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Karen! That is so sick and so well done! One of your best renders!

Steampunk inspired piano

I love it! you did so awesome!?

thank you i really enjoyed this one