Blendermania Contest #39 "Ancient Civilization"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is….THE FUTURE

Upload your rendered image as a reply to THIS forum post

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is…Ancient Civilization. What comes to mind when you think of this theme?

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

Ancient Greece, Mayans, Etc

A made up ancient civilization that you come up with

An Ancient civilization on another planet

Guidelines for the contest:

90% has to be done in BlenderSubmission has to be submitted by 3/28/21 Midnight PSTOnly ONE submission per personWork has to be original and not copied from another artistHas to be a new project and not a render you did a long time ago

Prizes for Contest Winners:

1st place will receive a choice of one of my courses, $25 Amazon E-gift card (or $ paypald to them), be featured in the featured image section, 500 points and a certificate!2nd place will receive a choice of one of my 4 courses, 300 points and certificate3rd place will receive, 100 points and a certificate

Olympia, Greece

Maya Temple of Calakmul. Blender 2.91, Cycles 256 samples, 6k.

Karen this is awesome! Love the look

Dude crispy very nice! Like the whole atmosphere of it all :slight_smile:

Ancient city of the Cubes

In 10 Ancient Civilization, Ancient India/ Arya-Barta Civilization is The Most Ancient Civilization and Only this civilization Modern Day exist, Other all civilization are destroyed.

Topic : Arya-Barta Civilization Ancient Temple Of Lord Shiva.

Culture Name : Hindutva

Religion Name : Sanatana Dharma (Known as Hindu Dharma)

I hope you all like my artwork (^_^)

One final slight tweak - adding Depth of Field. My first time using it (and even knowing what that was), but I think it did add a little something to show a bit of scope. Took me all day to get it just right. It’s hard to make the blur in the places it needs it while not losing detail on the places that need them. So, it might not make much a difference, but I tried with no prior knowledge on the options. I hope it’s still good!

This is meant to be the City Palace for largest dwelling in the Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

ancient civilization

I hope the next theme gonna be something smaller. Gallifrey- No More


I like it, but I don’t understand it. I especially like the contrasted sky.