Blendermania Contest #34 "Halloween"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for a new theme and new contest! The theme this time is…Halloween!

Upload your rendered image as a reply to THIS forum post

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

  • Is it a cute or scary scene?
  • Does it have candy, pumpkins, costumes?
  • is it a human Halloween or some other creature or animal's Halloween? (Cats, bugs, aliens celebrating Halloween)
  • is it a Halloween party?
Guidelines for the contest:
  • 90% has to be done in Blender
  • Submission has to be submitted by 10/31/20 Midnight PST
  • Only ONE submission per person
  • Work has to be original and not copied from another artist
  • Has to be a new project and not a render you did a long time ago
Prizes for Contest Winners:
  • 1st place will receive a choice of one of my courses, $25 Amazon E-gift card (or $ paypald to them), be featured in the featured image section, 500 points and a certificate!
  • 2nd place will receive a choice of one of my 4 courses, 300 points and certificate
  • 3rd place will receive, 100 points and a certificate

I’ve been wanting to do this pumpkin thing for awhile now

Wow . . ??

Halloween with Orange!

Can you name all the costumes? All costumes are of real characters from games or TV shows! The only exception is the ghost, but something’s a little off about that one…

Wow this is awesome Karen :slight_smile:

Very nice Drift! I want an animation of this haha. I see Mario, Luigi, Johnny Bravo? Powerpuff Girls? and Casper

So far, all correct! Just three characters left. I don’t blame you if you don’t know who Orange is supposed to be, it’s a little obscure.

Also note, ghost has no feet.

A homage to a great scene, Can you see it?

This is awesome man! Scary lol!!

Excellent!! By the way congrats for last weeks’ win! I liked yours the best too.

Now I know for this contest it is not a video. So I finished the video and then tried to choose the best Still. The video was fun to make and I learned a lot doing it.

Wow . . great work Arolf . . Also your video too was trilling and superb???

Thank you!!


That is pretty awesome. Very Bio-shock vibe.

If you take away all the pumpkins and decorations, it still feels like Halloween. It is a season.

Awesome work??

Beautiful ??

Inspired by Minuscule 2… Halloween version. :slight_smile:

Very nice Shannon! RIP Groot! NOOOOOOOOO