Blendermania Christmas Giveaway!

Hey Blendermaniacs!

As always I will be doing a giveaway for Christmas! I will be doing 3 days of giveaways!

Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th I will be doing giveaways on the forums here. All you have to do to enter is to comment on either day to win that prize!

Wednesday the 21st after HOP I will be giving away the final prize so make sure to come to the Wednesday HOP at 6pm PST! You do not have to partake in HOP but you do have to be there when I do the drawing!

Saturday the 24th which is Christmas Eve we will not be having HOP in celebration of Christmas. Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. I accidentally deleted the first post so I am reposting. Light won the first giveaway of IC membership for a year and $20 worth of addons from Blendermarketplace

Second giveaway is up! Comment below this image to be entered to win!


- Any one of my courses

- USB Gaming Microphone FIFINE RGB Dynamic Mic for PC

If you subdivide a cube by pi to the infinite power and micro displace it. Does it start its own environment or start a cpu meltdown?


Hello again!!!

HoP-y Holidays!

feeling lucky today

have a merry Christmas peoples


A gingerbread man sits inside a gingerbread house. Is the house made of flesh? Or is he made of house? He screams, for he does not know.

Congrats to @folivore for winning the second prize with any one of my courses and the USB Gaming Microphone Mic for PC!

The final giveaway is a graphics tablet! Comment below this image to be entered to win!

it’s sooo preety

Me wantz.

I will draw you a Gold Watch, A Gold Car, A Gold Boat, A Gold Aeroplace…ALL GOLD!

Yabba dabba doodle!

You put a breadstick inside a sandwich. Have you made a hot dog or a bigger bread?

I will use it as a second monitor

lets go

give it to me