Blender LIVE Hour of Power Wednesday Challenge #065

Blender LIVE Hour of Power Challenge!

At 8:00pm PST

Hello Blendermaniacs! Welcome to the new Hour of Power Wednesday Challenge.


Read the guidelines HERE:

Go ahead and comment if you want to be a part of it! The ones who just participated can comment as well however if there are people who didn’t do it last week, they will take the spot of the people who did do it last week. But go ahead and anyone comment! Even if you did it already as people may drop out etc.

What is it? 10 participants will be Blending for an hour to create the best piece of work within that hour…all on LIVE screen sharing!

How does it work? 10 participants will sign up during the week to take part in this. Then on a designated day (Wednesday at 8:00pm PST) the 10 participants will join the meeting (we will be using Zoom) and there all 10 participants will share their screen (you can also share your video and audio so you can talk but it’s not required. You COULD JUST share the screen and that’s fine so no one sees or hears you) I will then give the theme RIGHT there on the spot. You will then have 10 minutes to think of what you want to make, gather reference images etc. AFTER the 10 minutes, the challenge will start and you have 1 hour to create a render based on the given theme! Once the hour is up, I will tell everyone to hit the render image button and everyone will render out their image. We will then vote for the best render and winner will get points, Certificate and Badge. This is for ANY level! It’s for fun, non judgemental environment! So even if you are brand new, enter!

Can I still watch even if I don’t participate? Absolutely! If you don’t want to be one of the 10 participating in this, you can join the livestream and just watch these awesome Blendermaniacs do Blender and chat! I encourage anyone and everyone to join even if you are not participating! This will create an awesome group dynamic for an hour of us all getting together and having fun in Blender! Bring some popcorn and watch others do some awesome Blender, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

The first 10 people to comment below “I want to participate” or something of the like will be picked for this coming Blender Hour of Power Challenge.Blender LIVE Hour of Power Challenge!Blender LIVE Hour of Power Challenge!

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That’s what too much coffee does to the mind?

Meesa joins !

Cable Management 101

Chaos from sonic adventure 2 battle

Nothing more chaotic than this…

Office Chaos