Blender Girl

WIP girl character with elements from Blender : the logo as headphone thingy along with Suzzane as symbol on it, and default cube as the ornament on the choker (thinking of making it as earrings and might switch or change some elements but let’s see), also still need to choose colors for skin/hair/shirt to match the logo next.

Hi @purbosky Blush? did you do the drawing?

Hi frans! Yep, I drew them! Grinning You can also see more of my 2d works on my DA or IG account here :

Done with the lineart, doing coloring and shading next, might add more elements if needed to suit the color themes.

Dude! Looks amazing! Love the suzanne headphones

Thanks! Thumbsup

Can’t wait to see a colored version! It’s interesting how you’re so good at 3d modeling the sci-fi greebling stuff but also at drawing anime waifus xD LOL they seem like two skills or interests that wouldn’t go together and yet here they are. I guess both are abound precision though so maybe that’s the common ground?

Love it!

LOL, thanks! Basically just trying to make things that I like. I’m still not too good on both sides actually, Jack of some trades, master of none… lol. Especially in 2D, I still occasionally checked on references to help ensure proportion/anatomy etc. works fine, still need much learning/practicing more than the 3D one, I feel.

One thing I found is a differing style: I tend to make something realistic when doing 3D, but when drawing 2D I prefer something more simple, hence I mostly do hard/cel shading. Been trying more realistic painterly soft shading effect, but somehow didn’t feel too attracted to it. Maybe my brain already exhausted trying to get realistic effects in 3D so that when doing 2D it just goes ‘alright just do simple ones and call it done’, lol.

Thank you!


Done with the Blender girl concept. Had a tough time choosing colors especially on the headband, decided to throw in a yellow then, also for Suzzane’s color.

Also thinking of names, basically want to use some of the consonants in ‘Blender’ word in it (b, l, n, d, or r), so thinking about Bella, Brenda, Belinda, Belliza/Belleza, Belisse, etc. Choosing ‘Bella’ for now to represent her young persona. Been thinking of turning it into 3D later for practicing character modeling more, but let’s see.

Amazing work Po! Love the suzanne headphones and how they also got the Blender Logo haha

Thanks! Thinking of doing more different character concepts but let’s see Slight Smile