Blender Anime

I found a video on YouTube presenting how to do anime-styled models. Of course, being the weeb I am, I wanted to try it. This is my progress at the end of the first video.

I have several projects and tests I want to try, especially in the upcoming year. This is the first one I’ve got going. We’ll see how many projects actually get completed, but at least every WIP is a learning experience.

She has ears, now! I’m a little surprised they’re not actually the same mesh as the base skull, but that’s what these videos are showing me.

More features added. But this video put in the pupil/iris but no actual eyeball…? It’s just empty sockets with floating iris/pupils…? I’m still going to keep going to see how their tutorials will tackle various things, but the body is next. It leaves me feeling like the head is incomplete.

Oh well, I’m doing this for tips and tricks for my own projects, so… I’ll likely do things my own way, later.

I’ve gotten the body, but she doesn’t have clothes yet. I’ve just completed the hand, now. So, she’s carrying on quite well! However, there’s still the continued concern about miss-matching vert-counts, so we’ll see how I’m supposed to get these pieces together…

Feet now. This one, I think I REALLY did a better job than the tutorial. Now it’s time to connect to the body and begin to make it all into one model!

The model (dubbed “Relina” by me) has her head and now is nearly complete. She still needs clothes and hair. So, the next update will be however I’ve modeled her hairstyle and hopefully some form of clothes. I’d show her as-is, but I think she might need a couple censor bars.

She’s looking great Drift!

Been working on Relina a lot today. First day of the year spent Blendering. Here is the girl with some hair! Using Curves, this was a pretty nice little exercise.

I know I’m post-spamming, but I’ve gotten a little further - here she is with a shirt on and WIP colors. Still not yet sure how they plan to do her eyes, but we’ll see.

And finally, she has shorts, for now

Seems like a pretty indepth tut and character looking super fine ? All she needs is some gigantic :crossed_swords:

Here are her eyes done in my own way that doesn’t require using texture images. For now - until I have more energy for it - I’ll be trying to keep her as Blender-exclusively made as possible. I’ll hope to start rigging her, soon.

Wow Drift, she is looking awesome!

I have discovered more about Color Ramps!

This is coming out really nice man! Soon you’ll be doing more complex character animations

Relina has a light overshirt now, and her brother’s being made. Trying to edit her model to make a more masculine version. Meet Guile. (Haven’t gotten to his lower body yet, I’m currently focused on his torso, face and arms.)

Guile has had some lower body editing and also pants. His hair is a little different as well.