Blender and Zbrush vs Blender and CC3. New Characters.

I don’t know if it matters but I have 100 posts on the Characters, so like the swords I thought I would start a new line so you dont have to scroll over 100 posts to see the new stuff.

Let me know Alex if I a doing it wrong, LOL.

Now that does looks very well detailed.

So after working on the Scorpion Base I got reference images for a Spider base so I can make basically a Spider body like this and set it up the same way so I can / have a Spider Queen, or Spider human hybrid. I plan on using them for Boss fights in the game.

Yea I still need to learn how to make the hair realistic and get rid of the stylized hair.

where do you get the references from?

A lady in Spain that I know on Discord made the Spider and Scorpion base in Maya, so I begged her for some pics of them.

If You want, use the pics, and or when I am done making the base models, I will put them on the site for you or whoever is on here to use to modify.

I can always Fbx, or Obj them.

Ah dang I was hoping you discovered some hidden library with a huge data base of creature references for artists to use, which come to think of it I don’t understand why this isn’t a thing already…
I’m not particularly interested in those specific arachnids but it would be cool if you upload your meshes for the community!

Look on Artstation and tag Characte

So on the Spiderbase, I thought about shaking it up and not going exactly the same as the Scorpion base.

Some Update Pics. I use a base female to scale the Spider model.

So here are a few more reference pics from the artist in Spain.

I had to beg a bit hard and she sent 3 pics, well 2 and a composite to match the Scorpion model.

I dont care for the Stylized hair on them, but I will change that on the ones I model.

I also notice that on the Scorpion that there are extra little claws by the mans abdomen, and little legs / feelers on the spider in the same place. That will be extra bone rig work and I think they look ok on the Spider, but I dont particularly care for them on the Scorpion.

A dress I am working on in Blender. I need to break down and rent Marvelous Designer until I can buy it. I might be able to just make the cloth in Blender and Z brush though.

It looks fantastic! The amount of detail that you were able to put in is awesome

A few test fit pics.

So these are the last ones until I learn how to put on the collision and weight physics.

Here is a Female Skeleton Archer I am making for my game asset pool. I wanted the dead hair on her so show she was a spirit that died in a great battle and when the Necromancer brought her corpse back, she doesn’t realize that she is dead, as she had unresolved issues and her spirit refused to leave her body.