Blender 2.80.75 issues

I’m new to this version of Blender and I have run into some issues and I’m hoping someone will know what I’m talking about and can help me fix them. A thanks in advance. I’m in the render engine Eevee and in the solid mode screen things look fine but when I switch over to the materials or render screen things start looking weird. I’ve played around with some settings but I’m getting nowhere. Hopefully the pics will give you an idea of what I’m seeing and how I can fix it.

are your normals good?

I’ve had issues like this with experimental builds of Blender and graphics card drivers being outdated and what not.
Have you tried a different version of Blender and/or updating your drivers?

A simple way to troubleshoot if it’s one of those mentioned, would be to start a new project, throw some quick materials on the default cube and see if you get the same issue. Make sure it’s different materials from the ones you use now.

If you don’t get the same issue, then something is up with this particular project file and/or materials.

Also take that logic and start troubleshooting things. Start thinking about them, is it materials, is it blender, is it my project, is it my gpu, etc. and start troubleshooting accordingly.
If materials then the problem should persist in a new project when giving the same materials, if blender then every project should have this problem, if project then no other project has this problem, if gpu it’s across different versions of blender and projects and materials.
It’s fun to troubleshoot and quite easy to. Get in the habit of it.

It will most likely be a graphics card issue or normals as the other have mentioned.

As you are using a Mac, you cant update the graphics driver directly like we can on a Windows machine. Check for OS and APP updates. Also, close all other APPs, they take up memory.

It is possible that this version of Blender has this bug with your version of OSX?