Black Holes In My Mesh

Can anyone help me understand why these black holes are appearing in my mesh when i turn on the sub surf modifier

It seems to me as if there are faces inside your mesh. Go inside your mesh and delete the “Inner faces” there. It should be hollow :slight_smile:

Nice mixer Sydney! - re holes - you might have some double verts.

Thanks! no double verts

no faces inside no geometry around the holes and they only show when i have the modifier turned on

can u upload a mesh pic? (around the area where the holes are) - also do u have more than one modifier for the object? if so try moving the order around (e.g if u have subsurf then mirror - move mirror to first)

Try flipping the normals. Select all the faces in edit mode and hit ALT+N and recalculate to outside

What happens when you turn your subdiv off?

@a.k.a-Swanny changing the orders of modifiers worked. I moved subsurf over mirror and they went away. Also found some info on the interwebs suggesting that it may be too many faces with more than 4 verts and fixing that was slowly getting rid of the holes as well

Thanks for your help everyone!

I have that problem often with mirror mod.

Pole and ngons really hurt models bad.