Betty and Batty

Character models for ‘Cute Warrior’ challenge on CGBoost last month. Made with Blender 2.80 Beta, using procedural textures for hair and sky bg, lighting using HDRI from Final touch up done with GIMP…Edited version in this one, the original entry has falling dragons in the background actually but had them removed here. Tried a re-render (after the contest) using EEVEE (second image), still not too perfect. Model view in viewport is on the last one.

Dude I love this! Will feature it on the FB and IG page. How did it go in the contest with it? Also fully animatable?

Mate that awesome love the detail on the sword blade

Thanks! Not getting any place tho as many others are gods-level pro entries, lol, and I only rigged the hand/fingers. Actually not too happy with the result, still got lots to be fixed, like colors and lighting, but yeah, gotta move on. Slight Smile

Ah gotcha. Well hey still an amazing job brother. Can’t wait to see more. Gonna show my sister as she loves manga style things

Thanks! Might do a separate render for the blade later. Grinning

Very cool!