Baking issue within substance painter

So i am having a problem where i am getting these four squares when i export to substance painter
I tried changing uvs, applied scale, recalulated normals but still nothing.
At this point, its showing those squares where a uv isnt even there

If anyone knows the issue pls pls let me know

I only have done a little in Substance Painter (@purbosky has used it more). If I recall, you have to generate all the normal maps etc in Substance painter.

But looking at your mesh, I think you have your meshes islands to0 close togeither. You need more gap/space I believe.

ugh this issue with Substance Painter is annoying I can’t even say what the problem is 100% But I tried UV unwrapping it again/reinstalling substance painter and more you may have to do a good long search on this one if no one else here got the answer. GL

I think it was that i just changed the materials in blender. Like i deleted them and added new ones and then exported the mesh
seemed to work then