Baby Dino in Egg (Sphere Contest)

Dino embryo in Egg + Inspirations and references
Love that movie, I used to watch it all the time 20 years ago, still love it to this day!
For those that haven’t seen it it’s called Dinosaur (2000) and it’s a 3D Disney movie

wow this is awesome!!! Love the idea and loved that movie as a kid haha. Cannot wait to see this one! :smiley:

Nice work Alex… I’ve seen this movie a million times, it’s a awesome movie, thanks for reminding me to watch it again.

@blendermania @blenderbadboy
Thanks guys! And yes totally awesome movie! I’m gonna watch it too again tonight!

This looks great. Great work.

Many thanks ed!!

And some small progress on this little fella

Baby Thanos dinosaur! lol kidding. Looks great man!

Hi @alexkarajohnn Smiley. How are y?.

No therapist this month? are we healing ourselves with sweetness? Heart EyesJoy

hahahha just for that comment I’m gonna make something extra creepy and disturbing next month :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah I’m kidding, I think I might make a few cute things, don’t want to make nightmares all the time… but you always make cute things so I challenge you to make something disturbing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Baby Dino Thanos is why dinosaurs went extinct xD

Awesome Alex!!! Love it!!!
Dude this is some next level stuff

ahahahahah. no.


Thanks man I appreciate that!

All details manually sculpted. Still a few wrinkles and details missing but it’s almost done. Then I need to work on materials and the eggshell

This is coming along great Alex! Looking forward to seeing the final product.

DUDE! This is amazing! Well done. Loving the detail of this guy!

Thanks man!

Thank you Alex!