B1 Battle droid, low poly

This was a quick, low poly project I did. My son was doing an animation course this year. In the last few weeks, they were learning 3D modeling. For his final, he chose to make a B1 battle droid from the prequel trilogy. So I decided to make one too so we could compare ours.

Looking back… I did this the hard way… If I’d done it more like I should have, I would have used individual objects for the main pieces and used parenting to take advantage of local rotations to set up the posing (without rigging).

(I didn’t model the blaster, though I did the pose as if he was holding one)

so cool Grady! This reminds me of a toy or lego set I had a long time ago…Nostalgia haha. I find it really cool that you are doing things with your son too! again well done!