B.R. Ambedkar Commissioned Sculpt

Just posting some WiP of this commission, I forgot to do this earlier because I think it would have been an interesting post, showing the steps of the process, but this is the standing pose of the Indian jurist I’ve been commissioned to sculpt, I will post a more detailed step by step process for the sitting pose I also need to do.

There’s a lot of work to be done still but I’m very proud about the pants and the shoes because I haven’t made anything like that before. All sculpted by hand, although I did use a ready made body base to work on because making all from 0 would be too much time and the deadline is tight.

should say, he looks pretty darn accurate!

Dude this is super sick! I think a WIP thread is awesome to see :slight_smile: The pants definitely look great

Completed the clothing and redesigned the pants because we felt that the creases were too much before

This is looking really good Alex! Looking forward to the finished design.

Thank you Vishnu. I assume from your name you’re from India? If so then it means a lot when you say that it’s an accurate sculpt! :slight_smile:

Thank you Alex! A like the revision of them better, this first attempt had very repeating and symmetrical creases which doesn’t look as good as the more natural creases of the revision

Thank you abless!

Chair and seated version of Ambedkar. Have my rough based for sculpting and the chair needs some refining and some decorations before being completed. I’m basically posting this to keep track of my time, see how efficiently (or not) I can work.
Working from home is essentially fighting constant distractions…

Hey chair came along great man! Can’t wait to see it with engravings

Great job!

Thanks Lillith!

I couldn’t even be buggered to get some pretty screenshots… If you’re wondering why he’s seated on an invisible chair and why the chair is empty, then you have a better PC than me… :stuck_out_tongue:

marvelous job ClapOk Hand

Am also from India , this is really accurate, love this and even Adiyogi lord Shiva sculpt is also super great :slight_smile: