Artworks for REDLINE game

Some artworks done for REDLINE game, a mech battle card game. I was asked to supply some works depicting some aircraft and ship. Here’s the first work, depicting a bombing run scene on enemy base. Modeled in Blender, rendered in Cycles, post pro and finishing in GIMP.

To support the game and stay updated, also for more information, visit the website at

Dude so sick man! So you are doing some work for people now? Thats awesome man! Reminds me of Mechwarrior or something and now I want to play video games…

Thanks! Yup, the game theme is mech-battle. I’ve read about their story, it was intended as a 3D game at first (around 2015/6), he had already assembled a good team of artists (level design, music, art, etc.) and done some good initial works, but didn’t get enough support. The maker didn’t give up though, and aimed for a more feasible target and reformatted it as tabletop/card games now.

I only did a small portion, as most of the artworks are centered around the mechas and their pilots and already done by other artists who some of them also helped on the previously abandoned project. Btw, the kickstarter campaign is scheduled to start around next week, will continue to update the info later.

Great work !

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Thank you! Slight Smile

Second artwork done for REDLINE tabletop game, featuring a ruin of crashed Arkship. Modeled in Blender, rendered in Cycles, post pro and finishing in GIMP. Second image is raw render and viewport on the last one.

The Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE, already at around 30% from goal. For more info please visit :

Is that how you grow space potatoes? Looks awesome.

Yup, have the supply ship crashed to a planet and let the potato seeds terraform it. Wink

Dude this is super cool!!! Do you get to have your name in the credits? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Thanks! They tagged me and linked back to my accounts when sharing contents related to the artworks, also there will be artists feature coming along around next weeks.

Good news, the Kickstarter campaign for the game is a success and now fully funded!

As mentioned in the previous posts, I made two renders for the game cards (out of the billions other ones by various other more professional artists that are mostly mechas, lol), and you can see in the images of how it looks like in the product (card design by other artist/team).

Anyway, thanks for all the wishes and supports! For anyone interested in more details, visit their website at

Congrats there po! You going to be getting a kickback from it too?

Thanks! Well, I guess so… lol!

Artwork for the expansion card set, featuring precision air strike. Already finished this in October last year but forgot to update here, lol. Cycles render, touch ups in Gimp, bg from

Also currently in the process of designing drop pod for the mechs, will show updates on it later.

Drop pods design for the mechs in the expansion card sets. Still adding details then will put it in orbital insertion scene, preferably
with Dropships (also still being designed) in the background.

Dropship design as complement to the Drop Pods, not too detailed here as it will be the background elements.

Finished artwork for the expansion set featuring orbital drops. Rendered with Cycles, post pro with Gimp.

More details on

That is sick Po! Liking the updates

Thanks! ?

Another artwork for the card set, now featuring spaceport scene for the recently launched expansion set Battle of Neom. Rendered with Cycles, postpro with Gimp, people cutouts and cloud background using photos from UnSplash.

Full set of the cards can be seen at: Battle of Neom – REDLINE Tactical Card Combat