Art of Embers

This is a thread of mostly just whatever sketches I make and feel like sharing. I feel it’d be better to have it as a compiled thread than a bunch of little ones, as it’d allow one to scroll through it and see any they may have missed.

Today’s beginning topic is a cartoony version of two of my characters, Ryo (right) and Reba (left). There are two versions of this picture. This one, sporting more of their normal outfits. I’m quite proud of how it turned out. … Except I forgot to color Ryo’s arm band, so here’s also with that fixed. (that’s not the second version of this picture, though)

All my sketches are drawn traditionally with pencil and paper and scanned into my computer. If they’re colored, it’s done with PaintTool SAI.

This is so cool drifting!!.. I love the style… fantastic job!!!

Dude this is amazing! Love the style and the colors of these two. You’re really good at drawing :smiley:

Some other things I’ve drawn.

I also do sprite work. These are some for a game I’m designing.

Wow!! how did you do the 8bit character?
Looks Awesome ??

I used the program Aseprite to make these. People seemed to like them, so I posted them here. But I do plan eventually on getting them into Blender as 3D models. Ryo, I’ve partly succeeded with, in low-poly form.

Cool game you created there Drifting… I love it?

Also, some character portraits for when they talk.

Dude this is so awesome! I wish I had known how to do this back in the day when I was doing games lol

Ryo checking his phone. This was mostly for shading practice. I think I got him pretty well, although maybe not so much on the couch…

Newest work, being a redo of an old piece I did back in 2009.

Monster Hunter icons I did a while back.

Reba running.

Just a sketch of my character, SpyBorg. I hope to make him into a 3D model one day.

Decided to color this one.