Armature/Rigging set up

Hi Blendermanics,

Everytime I press play to watch the animation I’ve started to keyframe - the arms and legs end up in a different position (even if I have keyframed them). Not sure what it is - wondering if anyone can shed some light. Here’s the blend file. Thanks in advance!

So the reason it’s going all wonky is because the Hand IK bones. IK bones cannot be parented to another bone and connected otherwise it creates issues. Select both of the IK hand bones in edit mode, you will see they are connected. So just hit ALT+P to unparent it, then with both selected Shift select the Upper Chest bone and hit CTRL+P and parent them to that bone with offset :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Now I know what the armatures should look like :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Another thing that’s going a bit wild…

The detached parented arm isn’t staying connected to the empty that I parented it to. I thought I’d animate the armature first, then go back and fix up the positioning of the detached arm in object mode - so now while trying to fix/match the position that the arm should be in - the arm is flying around and hard to move about.

Could be something related to axis?

Would love some help with this too Innocent


Hey R2! So the issue comes because there are vertex groups on the disconnected hand and arm. There shouldn’t be any vertex groups on those since they are controlled and parented to the empties. I deleted them and moved those parts back into place and seems to work fine. You may need to tweak it a bit :slight_smile:

Oh yes, that makes sense.

Thanks a tonne! Thumbsup