Arena PvP Indie Video Game in Blender + Unreal Engine 4

Call me the “WIP Guy” because f*** me if I ever finish anything I’ve started Rofl
Working with a friend on making a small sized fun to play Player versus Player video game in Unreal Engine.

I will not go in much detail on it yet, but here’s a sneak peak and I’ll share more with you as we progress through it :smiley:
What you see here is the WIP of the first small Arena and a fire particle effect.

Will also certainly be interested in sharing the build with y’all for testing and feedback once we have some mechanics down.


At least you started :wink: Working with someone on a project like this helps. Good luck.

When the time comes, we can help you play test it when you get to that point of playability if you want?

Of course, like I said in the end there, as soon as we have some mechanics down I’d love for you guys to do some testing if you’re into it :slight_smile: