Anybody know about the Paper Model thing in Blender?

Anybody know about the paper model thing in Blender? I am trying to export something and am confused I get an error even after marking seams. The error says my whatevers aren’t straight is there a way to straighten them?

Just did a test with Suzanne. It appears you have to triangulate. So Ctrl+T to triangulate and Alt+J to turn back to quads (if need be).

Seems like an interesting addon. Had never used it before now so might play around with it. So if anything, thanks for bringing it to our attention ?

Thank You. I am not sure how to size it down like if you want the final product to be a certain size. Its a fun thing but hard to learn since there aren’t many tutorials.

For sizing it try to turn on your edge length in the overlays and then scaling your model to the size that you want