Anybody know about nodes? Need to fix green wierdness around eyes

So, Daz Studio has finally made a bridge to blender and I can use my daz figures in blender complete with a rig and shape keys.

Problem is that the way the SSS is set up in a complex node group there is a green ‘eyeliner’ effect around the eyes and it is annoying.

Does anyone know enough about nodes to fix this? Everything else seems to be fine except this green color they got in the node group that I don’t understand how to change.

Including a picture but not sure how it will show up.

So for that it’s usually because the SSS is too strong. I would add an image as the value map. Anywhere where the image is black will be SSS of 0 and where it’s white it will be SSS of 1. UV Unwrap your model and use the image to dictate where the SSS is, in this case you can draw black around the eye or a darker grey color so the SSS isn’t as much

I was hoping I could just turn down a node. The character is already unwrapped. I don’t know how to do what you suggest but I’ll play around and might learn something.

I forgot to post the node set up! Sorry.

I could send the blend file if you want a look at the nodes.

Can’t seem to upload a blend file and why do the pictures keep reposting when they are not showing up in the reply box and yet they keep posting even if I am not doing it.

I will have to send you the blend file by email.