Any Lighting Tips Are Welcome (Couldn't figure out how to do it properly)

Hey guys,
I’m new to blender, also new here. So, i want to create a scene from Whiplash -guess i miss playing drum :slight_smile: - but couldn’t figure out how to make the lighting properly (esp. the door on the right). Any suggestions are welcome.


First of all, welcome! ?

second, that’s great a idea brother!

Third … what exactly do you want to know?

And by the way… excellent start… looks good?

Thanks, appreciated! :slight_smile: That glass transmission effect is the biggest question mark i have. I couldn’t achieve the right look. I could really use some help with that.

Honestly it will be difficult to tune the lighting until you have more in the spotlight. Refraction and reflection play a big role here and the materials will be a key element. You must bear in mind also that this is cinematic lighting. There are soft lights hidden at many angles.

Yep, it’s killing me at the moment. Gonna finish it anyway. Thanks for replying.

Hey Benibrahim! Welcome to the Blendermania family my friend. Great work so far. As crispy said I would fill up the rest of the scene first but then for the lighting, definitely a spot light and then could try using some emission planes and point lamps. If you want, once you’ve filled it out more you can update us and we can see more :slight_smile:

Hey Beni. Great job so far. What genres do you like playing on your drums?