Another castle, but this time make it snowy

I’ve had a folder full of random concept art I’ve found around the internet for the longest time, and I finally think I can turn them into decent renders. This is the first one I’m trying my hand at. Just some basic blocking out for now. I wanna get the general composition before I get into any major modelling

I have a lot of the walls done now. Gonna add some flags, maybe some more background towers to populate the scene a bit more.

DUDE! That is an impressive castle and I love the scenery of it all. Can’t wait to see it finished

Okay, something happened with the original file. Everything is gone. Some Data Block Missing error. So I scrapped the original and am starting over. I feel much more confident in this one. I feel like I have the environment a bit more accurate. I’m not going for exactness but trying to stick to the drawing as much as possible

Just have some more towers and other details to take care of before I make an attempt at creating snowy mountains

Super sick! We are gonna need this in VR in Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, the idea is cool, but a lot of the mountains and buildings are all just patchworked together xD. look around too much and everything will fall apart

YOU HAVE VR!!! So jealous, I’m stuck with RL.