Animation problem


I am trying to make the walk animation follow the path and get the animation to math. I have created the path and tried to get an ok speed so he is not sliding along too much. I ended up with 310 frames. Then I duplicated all my key frames in the dope sheet action editor so it would be longer than the path animation. But even though I see my key frames in the editor the character still slides along when it reaches the place where my key frames stopped before my duplication. Is there some kind of action length or something I need to update?


The length of your animation should generally be the same as the path frames depending on how long it is. Lets say your animation is 600 frames, try putting the path animation to 600 frames as well. Or try playing around with the path animation amount a bit until it looks right. Let me know if that helps or possibly post a screenshot of how yours looks right now

This should show my screen.

As you see I have key frames going until 380 and the End-frame of the entire animation is 4000. But when I play the animation the character just slides after frame 190. So for some reason the key frames after 190 are not valid or used.

huh strange. So he is moving along the path however he is not doing the walk animation is that right? Have you tried deleting the frames after frame 190 and recopying them just incase they aren’t correct?

Would you be able to upload the .blend to dropbox or google drive and share the link here so I can take a look at it?

I figured it out. I had only selected one bone when I did the copy so I only copied one movement. When I select every bone it works. Was working a bit too late so did not see my error yesterday :slight_smile:

haha glad you figured it out :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s as simple and easy as that :stuck_out_tongue: