Airship Arrival

Entry for ‘Andromeda Design Contest’ in category ‘Airship Arrival’ on CGSociety. Rendered in Cycles, using procedural textures, post-pro in GIMP, ortho view assembled in Inkscape.

Concepts and WIPs in this folder :

Nice looking spaceship you got there.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

wobbles Incredible

Thanks! hands over anti-wobble pills

WOW - that is really cool purbosky! Good luck with the comp!

Thanks Swanny! Grinning

That is an awesome looking potato hauler.

Yup, the one and only super ship of the notorious potato hunters… Cowboy

Po… why tf have we not seen a movie or video game from you yet is beyond me…
Dude this is simply amazing!!
I hope you win the contest and someone hires you to do this stuff for a big production, it’s rather obvious that you’ve worked hard to reach this level of design and it’s super impressive! I’m absolutely certain that one day we’ll see your designs on something very popular!

Thanks! Well, maybe that’s because if I attempt to make it with my level now the result might be some random jumbled mess LOL… actually I made a scifi story on DA, and honestly I think it IS a mess, esp. the cr*ppy story… Joy

FYI, due to country restriction, I could only win a HM, if it’s really good enough for it btw. I could get some works done here as I didn’t stray from the first concept (unlike the other contest lol) so had more time to flesh out some elements/parts at least. Again, thanks for your thorough insight, as always. Thumbsup

This is awesome man! The amount of detail and thought that you put into this. And I love the diagram too! Like Alex said, we want a movie!

Thanks man, it still needs more greebles though, lol.

Movie? Okay, I think I can make it, featuring the blinking lamps/lights for 10 minutes, maybe more… Stuck Out Tongue