Butterfly-shaped UAV/drone. Rendered in Cycles, procedural textures for wearing effects, texture painting for effects in plating gaps, asphalt texture from, background from, a bit of post pro in GIMP.

Turned out great.

Kind of strange shape for a potato though…

Wow this is awesome man! I’d like to see this in real life haha

Thanks! It’s a strangely winged potato, a very rare found of its kind!

Thanks man, it’s not too suitable for delivering potatoes though… lol

Love this so much! I like vehicles and aircrafts modeled after real creatures!

Thanks! Well, some IRL designs basicaly do copy from nature. Talking about this, I’m not really sure if it’s flight worthy like a real butterfly… Laughing

Been tyding up the meshes, made new textures and decal with Inkscape and GIMP. Model can be downloaded at Sketchfab :

I like the new paint job.