Adevnture Kit

WIP for a challenge on Sketchfab, still busy unwrapping UVs …

Very nice Po!

Done with UV mapping/unwrapping, now for the colors and whatnot. 4 days left, yay.

Damn you seem to be able to unwrap anything, and yet i’m here, unable to successfully unwrap a sphere. LOL

Thanks, won’t say my unwrapping is perfect either, lol. Basically tried to minimize stretching which sometimes require trials and errors on placing the seams and might not get it right on the first try. Still learning myself too ?

Finally finished this. Not really satisfied with it, though been a good modeling practice.

View the 3d model here : HexaPax Exoplanet Exploration Mini-Kit - 3D model by purbosky [8666333] - Sketchfab