A weird doge ;)

So in my attempt to practice sculpting i made this good boy.
This is blender 2.8 alpha ( i know beta is out ) Enjoy :smiley:

Dude that is awesome! This is why I want you to share your work haha. You got some good stuff. I like it. Do you plan to do the whole body? Also is it a pet of yours or just random sculpt?

Actually i don’t plan on doing the rest. It wasn’t random at all. The story behind this is that my girlfriend told me that i stopped doing 3D again and said that she won’t talk to me if i don’t do some :smiley: So i found a picture of a good boye Spitz and sculpted it.

Here is a picture where i tried adding some fur, but my pc was not happy with it and i gave up :smiley:

Thank you for your kind words. It is hard to keep my motivation for doing anything, but you help me with that :slight_smile:

hahaha! That’s a good girlfriend lol! Well you know what it doesn’t look half bad. A little more tweaking and also maybe going to the particle edit section and brushing the hair into place and it would look pretty good. Hey that’s why I tell you to post all your work here man! This is a community for Blender artists to raise one another up and keep eachother motivated towards becoming better artists :slight_smile: