A old classic Dick Tracy car

A bit of context first, when I was a kid, my mother bought me a Dick Tracy model car and I never had a chance to build it and it was later sold or lost . When I decided to get back into making models again, I wanted something to practice on and came across a old beat up Dick Tracy car model said for parts on ebay. Even though it said it wasn’t complete on the listing, it turned out it was only missing one of the side corner windows.

So I decided to buy it and build it , well long story short , I messed it up, and because I messed up the body , I got frustrated and quit.

And something I found out remaking the bleach sword in Blender , was I was just lacking the skill to do it right. And so I pulled out the old box tucked away and since I used really bad super glue , I could seperate the pieces of the car from each other.

So now I am going to strip the car down and rebuild it with the skills I have acquired, along with new glue and new paint.

Here we have it all torn apart pretty much, and going to start striping the pieces and sanding as much as I can.

Everything is stripped, sanded and cleaned. ready for primer, but first trying to figure out how to assembled it better and still able to paint the inside.