A Character

Havent really done characters yet even though many of Alex’s courses cover it. I frequently watch Polygon Runway youtube clips.

He just recently posted a ‘Pilot’ timelapse. So I thought I would give it a go. Its obviously speedup and had does tweaks to model as he goes but we don’t necessarily have todo that.

The first 10 minutes took me like 11/2 hours. It was grueling. I got basic shape so far. My head looks more like someone from the munsters vs a pilot. But practice makes perfect.

This is where I am up to: Polygons on the left, my effort on the right. Still another 40minutes to go!!

Progressed abit further. Kinda gone my own direction now. Given character some color. Doesn’t look so omnious now…Hmmm, maybe some green skin!

haha looks great Eladd! Love the green skin haha