A Blender movie made from small scenes

Hi guys how are you?

I recently found an old storyboard that I did draw back in 2004, and would like to make a movie in Blender. Since it is a first attempt and I do not have much in terms of a budget I’ll start with the first part of this story.

With a small budget, almost all of the work will be voluntary, since whenever possible the budget will go for the render farms. So those that would like to help with the scenesare wellcome

The storyboard has been writen in Portuguese since I’m a Brazilian, but I can later easily translate it for you guys

the following posts will have the images in the correct order


In the year 2012 a Reptilian ship approached Earth and immediately destroyed any kind of dettection system that our primitive tech could have spotted it

So it eliminated any satellite (either military or civilian) that was emitting electro magnetic wave towards deep space


After a detailed scan of the planet the Reptilians started their plan and begin to abduct people from many places like The United States of America, Brazil…


And from Japan. Once the ship collected 5 people, plus a few animals, it depart from our planet and solar system


It wasn’t just humans that were kidnapped, a few birds were also abducted

After a few experiments with the birds DNA/RNA, plus alien hybridization codein a process of hybridization and cloning they acquired as a result a small being that is self aware, it’s smart, sensitive, etc…


Along the trip through the stars the humans also went under a hybridization process were their DNA/RNA was merged with the Reptilian DNA/RNA


But suddenly something went wrong and some tubes were cracked open, leaking gas and radiation throughout the ventilation system of the ship, contaminating it and forcing the crew to abandon the ship, leaving their experiments behind

Time pass, months, years, decades, centuries went by and the ship drifted through outer space until one day a comet approached it, and it’s mass and natural gravity attracted the ship


And luckily / coincidence the comet brought the ship back to our system and The EarthAs it neared The Earth, the planet gravity attracted the ship and as it plunged through the atmosphere, it started to crack and break appart

Here is the end of the Prologue with the story splitting in two, with one telling the tale of the Mutated Humans fate, and another telling the story of the new bird/humanoid species

The part of the ship with the humans fell towards the Bermuda Triangle, the Humanoid Bird species fell towards Brazil’s third Highest mountain the Pico da Bandeira

I’ll pause posting and explaining the storyboard for now, so we can comment and talk about the project. I got the vision of one small scene per strip, with each scene lasting something like 20 ~ 30 seconds, so these 7 initial ones already amount at least two minutes of animation.

The initial storyboard was made by my self and I had draw the humans tale, the humanoid bird species tale is my fathers work from the 70’s; both tales amount something around 55 strips, so if we do the math this storyboard will create an animation 110 ~ 185 minutes, which is the average length of the movies

Dude that is epic! As I was reading I was captivated by your art and imagination and project haha :slight_smile: 110-185 minutes is a big project man! However seeing everything you’ve done and your determination, I think you can do it if you stick with it.

I can’t wait to see how this translates into a Blender animation and would be awesome to see kind of a teaser trailer made in Blender of this!

Look forward to seeing updates posted here as you move along the project!

I am thinking in buying an external hard drive of one terabyte to store the frames as I made them. Do you think that 1TB will be enough?

Oh yeah my friend. One TB should be plenty. Images aren’t that large for the most part and should be fine

I’d like suggestions in how to set the scape-pod array of the alien mother ship


For array of scape pods I would suggest like you said using an array modifier but a better way might be to model the first scape pod and then hit ALT+D which duplicates it but keeps it the same user that way you can edit one and they are all edited however you can easily animate them separately so that they detach at different times whereas with array they are all attached. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Here it is how the alien ship modeling so far - front view


Side view


Here it is the ship over The Earth


I know that I still need to tweak it a bit on the composer, but I’m a bit at a loss in how to properly st it up to generate a good visual

Wow that is awesome man! Coming along great :slight_smile: