50's Diner WIP

here 2 screenshots of my upcoming high-poly 50’s diner. i’m aiming for it to be the most dense render i have made so far, full of posters and classic items from the 50s. the image was from yesterday and some colors have been corrected and some shading issues fixed. always looking for tips.

AMAZING! Love the detail you are going with this. Even the stickers on the phone…lol as far as tips…hard to say as you’re still working on it but I think working on the walls will definitely add a lot to the scene as that’s the barest part :slight_smile:

another update:) now for more details, and filling the glasses!



guess it was too big, there it is ^ lol

Dude that is coming along amazing! You even got the ketchup and mustard bottle and the little napkin thing lol. Okay what I think will really give life to it now is the lighting. If you work on and get the right lighting…it’s REALLY going to come together and convey the feeling of this awesome render. Keep it up!

Yeah lighting is going to be tough. Goijg to incorperate some neon lights with natural hdri light and hope something good comes out of it. The error i got was the file being too big (10MB) so with gyazo i just took a pic of it and linked it, it also downscales the size to like 1/10th original. Wondering how i can keep my 1080p renders from reaching 10mb+

That sounds like a good plan. Can’t wait to see how it looks. Definitely will take tweaking with the lighting but I think you can get it right and it will look good. For images I usually import them into photoshop and then save them for the web and it makes them very small. 100kb or less usually


finished! well sorta. told myself not to spend too much time on a piece before moving on, because that way the next project starts of better immediately, because of the things i learnt before.

seems like 3.9 MB is still too much lol so here.

Dude that is amazing! Love the progress of it and the finished result looks great. One thing I could suggest is lighting. Some volumetric lighting would look great. Other than that, amazing job! I’ll be sharing some of your work on the Blendermania Instagram page and FB page as well if that’s alright :slight_smile: