3D Scanning

Have seen a number of youtube videos and articles on 3D scanning so thought I’d give it a go.

Here I have some random owl thingy my wife has just lying a round the house. Placed on a stool and circled it taking photos on my phone.

Imported the images into Meshroom and set it generating. Will be interesting to see if it turns out good or not?

Not sure how long it will take but has been going for about an hour now. Early stages maxed out every core.

Well that was an epic failure! Look at this lovely OWL! Nice shadow of a stool though!

I have looked into it further. Looks like I needed to take more photos closeup. Will try again tomorrow.

This is kinda cool though, it’s like reality collapsing into itself :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been wanting to experiment with this myself but haven’t dedicated any time to it, so it’s nice that you are getting into it so you can share some tips with the rest of us :slight_smile:

3D Scan Round 2: “FIGHT”

Starting to look better already.

I call Round 2 a ‘KO’, not perfect but it pretty cool and did not take as long as you would think.

Here is the 3D scan imported into Blender for anyone who is interested in have a look and play around.


wait i never knew ryzen 9 was a thing lol