3D printing

I get asked a abit about this (I feel this is Alex’s doing) so I quick very broad over view.

**Well it is understandable to be overwhelmed (My go to is my best friend as he is quite the 3d buff)

the two most ’common’ types of 3d printing is FDM (the plastic filament ’cord’ that is melted and squeezed out) and resin (liquid resin hardened by UV light)

I have accouple of FDM printers. I use these for terrain (houses etc) as they are good at larger objects and keeping the detail. But FDM printers by there nature arent good at small model detail as not enough time to cool. you can get some good settings but I wouldnt use mine for them

(My main FDM is a Prusa i3 mk3, this is a higher end hobbyist FDM printer. $$$ but great features. I understand the Ender series are a good budget $ FDM printer)

I just recently got my resin printer (Phrozen sonic mini 4k) for minis. As you can get much greater detail and consistency on small details from them.

I had never used one before and I choose the sonic mini as it was the cheaper of the known brands

While you can make you own washing and curing chambers for them I brought a Creativy one (so all up it cost me about $800 AUD for my setup)

That is the down side on resin printing is they need to be cleaned and hardened after printing.

Id first maybe just hit up wiki or google to check out the difference in FDM and resin 3d printing and what’s involved.

Then after that normally jump on FB and check either a local 3d printing group or a group for the brand of 3d printer you may of been checking out**

Houses are FDM Mini is Resin