3D Printed Ring

Alright Blendermaniacs, here is a 3D printed ring I made. First 3D print and it was quite fun! Sorry for the pics being so blurry and bad but here you go! The story behind this ring is:

This is for a woman who has a vision board company and it’s all about growth and mindset. So the ring represents a tree and at the root of the ring is “vision” as it all starts with vision. From there grow the roots of “Commitment” on one side and “Action” on the other. From those three grow 8 branches, 4 on one side and 4 on the other. The number 8 Represents NEW BEGINNINGS. At the top it joins and says MIH (Make it Happen) Then on the inside is engraved “1,000,000,000 LIVES” as her mission statement is to impact a billion lives!