2 Different and Complex Lamp rigs needed

Sooo, been learning Blender from several courses in Udemy. In the other lecture we were supposed to create a lamp. Well, I went ahead and modeled two lamps and some background assets. Unfortunately, the succeeding lectures were on creating a more basic lamp with some basic rigging. The lamps that I created require more complex bone rigging. Can anyone help me with that?

The lamp from the lecture is the one with bones. The lamp I designed first is the one where the upper arm rotates on a pivot point that slides up and down a shaft. The last lamp is similar to the Luxo lamp from Pixar. It’s a much more complex rig that has double joints that kinda affect each other…

Awesome lamps there! One of the ways I would do it is using drivers. Drivers are great for this kind of thing. So basically on the double joints one, you can have a bone that rotates and when it rotates, it drives the other bone on an axis you set. Also another would be using constraints for sure. You can use copy rotation constraints and decrese the influence of it so when you rotate a bone, the other bone follows along but with limited influence. Both of these methods can be combined with one another to get a rig to work like you want. Try to mess with those and LMK how it goes :slight_smile:

Thnx. Haven’t gotten to drivers yet. Will look into that next.