2.80 Particle Comb Options

Hi guys! I;'m very new to Blender and I’m following a tutorial that was recorded using 2.78.

On 2.80 I can’t find the Comb Options, such as Keep Lengths, Root…

I’m sure this was moved to some place but I can’t find it.

I found those options and I want to leave here the solution if others found themselves in the same situation:

Those options can be found on the right hand panel Active Tool tab.


Awesome! Glad you found the options and thank you for sharing with the community!

Thank you for your warm welcoming my friend! I have to admit it’s not easy to come from C4D R20 to Blender.

I’m not even familiar with those haha but the Blender learning curve will be easier and easier as you go especially with the courses :slight_smile:

Yes Alex, I’m confident that the courses will soften the learning curve! I’m counting on you :slight_smile: