2.79 project made last year

Hi everyone, here is a title I made with Blender 2.79 last year

Very cool and animated! My only input would be to have it a bit slower as it jumps around quite a bit but other than that, awesome!

Nicely done! It could be a bit slower though.


I was using OpenShot video editor and it was kind of glitchy when dealing with the new Blender files. I got the idea from a YouTube Blender teacher, and modified it to use my graphics. When I imported it into OpenShot it cut the last 2 seconds of the graphic, and it was really pull the hair out time trying to get it to sort of work.

I wanted to take this course to see where it went wrong in the setup and coding and figure out how to do some other things in my head that I know Blender can do. I’m also taking a course in Python to reason out the process some, and maybe write some tools or processes to make animation easier.