2.79 interface question/issue

So, I had an update to do on my computer for 2.79. It screwed up, so I had to reinstall 2.79. Normally no biggie, but afterwards my materials tab is messed up, it isn’t like any place else I’ve seen and it is different than the last download, so I am not sure what happened. here is a screenshot. I cannot choose a ‘type’ i.e. diffuse, emission, metallic etc. it is only giving me an unchangeable option of diffuse, and I can’t apply materials. add to that shft A is NOT giving me my node type option in the node panel either. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I just just delete and redownload the whole thing again?

It seems that the active render engine is currently set to Blender Internal (‘Blender Render’, in the box to the left of the logo at the top). Try change it to ‘Cycles Render’. :slight_smile:

that partially worked, still can’t access nodes menu or apply materials, so i am going to just reinstall and see if that fixes any issues as its also now freezing up so i think it’s an issue with the program. thank you though for catching that.

I would have suggested what purbosky said but of course sometimes Blender CAN become corrupt and have an issue. Did reinstalling it solve the problem?

Yep a reinstall fixed it. I used to just get random crashes and freezing. Then 2.79 came along and that thankfully stopped. But this was a new one lol.

Hi My issue is while doing the Array lesson I can’t select just the fence post no matter what I do the house is selected too (even when it’s hidden). Also there’s no sign of any separate objects other than the original basic cube in my Outliner. If anybody wants a whole street with one fence post each let me know :wink: